From crisis to opportunity: Transforming education in Europe and Central Asia after COVID-19

News and Research 249 From crisis to opportunity: Transforming education in Europe and Central Asia after COVID-19 | The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant damage to human capital development across Europe and Central Asia. Lengthy periods of school closure have resulted in major learning losses among school-age children, particularly those living in poverty and those from ethnic minorities.Continue reading “From crisis to opportunity: Transforming education in Europe and Central Asia after COVID-19”

Back to Learning!

News and Research 247 Ending Learning Poverty and Building Skills: Investing in Education from Early Childhood to Lifelong Learning | The document describes the World Bank’s strategy in education and provides a taste of the types of projects that we support governments on, as well as our partnerships and global initiatives to impact the futureContinue reading “Back to Learning!”

Education for Empowerment

News and Research 245 Novak Djokovic Foundation: Cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the World Bank: 100 new preschool rooms across Serbia | Novak Djokovic Foundation; Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia signed an agreement to partner on the Project of Inclusive Preschool Education, which is financed with the support ofContinue reading “Education for Empowerment”

Learning Loss during COVID-19

News and Research 244 News: Ukraine to Modernize Higher Education System with World Bank Support The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved today a $200 million project to support the Government of Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen efficiency, quality, and transparency of the country’s higher education system. The project – Ukraine Improving Higher Education for Results –Continue reading “Learning Loss during COVID-19”

Equitable Human Capital

News and Research 243 Kazakhstan: Knowledge, skills and health. Human capital needs development | World Bank – Government of Kazakhstan Roundtable | Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms under the President, with the Bank, held a round table on the topic: Kazakhstan: an overview of human capital development. The chairman of the Agency Kairat Kelimbetov addressedContinue reading “Equitable Human Capital”

The Returns to Education

News and Research 242 The US infrastructure most in need of investment is human (Financial Times) The Returns to Education. There has been a steady stream of new research on the returns to education in recent weeks. These include: Winners and losers after 25 years of transition: Decreasing wage inequality in Slovenia, which shows thatContinue reading “The Returns to Education”

Measuring Human Capital: HLO – Harmonized Learning Outcomes

News and Research 241 Angrist, N, S Djankov, P K Goldberg and H A Patrinos (2021), Measuring human capital using global learning data. Nature 592, 403–408 Measuring human capital using global learning data, Noam Angrist, Simeon Djankov, Pinelopi K. Goldberg, Harry A. Patrinos, in Nature volume 592, pages 403–408 (2021), has been accessed 13k+ times (as of April 17, 2021) and has anContinue reading “Measuring Human Capital: HLO – Harmonized Learning Outcomes”