Learning losses continue

Learning losses continue (News and Research 263) The Nobel prize in economics celebrates an empirical revolution | David Card shares this year’s award with Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens | New and innovative work has altered the course of the profession, to such an extent that the lion’s share of notable new research today isContinue reading “Learning losses continue”

Literacy for Life

Literacy for Life (News and Research 262) Literacy for Life | Грамотность для жизни | Что такое функциональная грамотность и как ей можно научить | What is functional literacy and how can it be taught | Distance learning has raised many questions, one of the most important among them: how did the change in theContinue reading “Literacy for Life”

Reopen Schools

Reopen Schools (News and Research 261) Planning Amid Uncertainty – Reopening Schools in Europe and Central Asia | In Europe and Central Asia, countries are faced with difficult choices between getting students back to school or continuing with remote learning. One year later, the availability of vaccines has instilled renewed hope, but much uncertainty remains. ReadContinue reading “Reopen Schools”

Invest in Education, Invest Early

Invest in Education, Invest Early (News and Research 260) How much does Kyrgyzstan actually spend on education? The World Bank’s Public Expenditure Review, especially its findings for the Kyrgyz education sector, prompted intense public discussions, as for each of us our children’s education is closely associated with our hopes for their brighter future, such asContinue reading “Invest in Education, Invest Early”

Education, and Education Again

Education, and Education Again (News and Research 257) “I repeat it for a reason: education and education again” Shavkat Mirziyoyev At an event in the Kuksaroy residence, Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke about the coverage of higher education in Uzbekistan, Kun.uz reports. According to him, five years ago the coverage was 9%, now it is 29%. IfContinue reading “Education, and Education Again”

Selective Universities

(News and Research 255) University selectivity and returns premium: evidence from Kazakhstan | More selective universities are presumably better in quality and expected to provide better labour market outcomes for their graduates – returns premia. However, various empirical applications have found that part of it should be attributed to selectivity. Using the data on recentContinue reading “Selective Universities”

Helping Low-Income Students

Helping Low-Income Students (News and Research 254) Russia’s education system could achieve better teaching and learning outcomes if it focused more on developing 21st-century skills says Tigran Shmis Helping Low-Income Students Save for College | The California Comeback Plan, signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom earlier this month, lays the groundwork to create collegeContinue reading “Helping Low-Income Students”