Education Financing for Ukraine

Education Financing for Ukraine (News and Research 283) World Bank Announces Additional $200 Million in Financing for Ukraine | Financing will support essential social services; combined total of World Bank-mobilized support for Ukraine now stands at more than $925 million | The World Bank announced nearly $200 million in additional and reprogrammed financing to bolster Ukraine’sContinue reading “Education Financing for Ukraine”

Protecting Education

Protecting Education (News and Research 282) World Bank Mobilizes an Emergency Financing Package of over $700 million for Ukraine| The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved a supplemental budget support package for Ukraine, called Financing of Recovery from Economic Emergency in Ukraine – or FREE Ukraine – for $489 million. The package approvedContinue reading “Protecting Education”

Prioritizing Early Investments for Children

Prioritizing Early Investments for Children (News and Research 281) Kosovo Prioritizes Early Childhood Development to Build Human Capital and Promote Prosperity | The President of Kosovo has introduced a Call to Action to elevate Early Childhood Development objectives in the national development agenda, to support resourcing and implementation of laws and policies that make it a priority,Continue reading “Prioritizing Early Investments for Children”

The Global Learning Crisis

The Global Learning Crisis (News and Research 279) Mapping the Global Learning Crisis | Despite record enrollments in school worldwide, learning is limited More young children are enrolled in primary school today than any other time in history. Yet achievement data shows that student learning has remained nearly flat over the last two decades inContinue reading “The Global Learning Crisis”

Loss-of-Learning and the Post-Covid Recovery

Loss-of-Learning and the Post-Covid Recovery (News and Research 278) Loss-of-Learning and the Post-Covid Recovery in Low-Income Countries | IMF Working Paper No. 2022/025 | A dynamic general equilibrium model is calibrated to reflect the structural characteristics of vulnerable low-income countries and to replicate key dimensions of the Covid-19 shock. The paper shows that absent significant andContinue reading “Loss-of-Learning and the Post-Covid Recovery”

The COVID-19 Slide in Education: Global Data on Learning Loss

The COVID-19 Slide in Education: Global Data on Learning Loss (News and Research 277) COVID-19 caused significant disruption to the global education system. Early reviews of the first wave of lockdowns and school closures suggested significant learning loss in several countries. Most studies observe increases in inequality where certain demographics of students experienced learning lossesContinue reading “The COVID-19 Slide in Education: Global Data on Learning Loss”

Investments in Education Pay Off

Investments in Education Pay Off (News and Research 276) Developing Central Asia’s Human Capital | During her recent mission to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Fadia Saadah, the World Bank’s Human Development Director for Europe and Central Asia, discussed the World Bank’s support in developing human capital in the region, including existing and prospective Bank-funded projectsContinue reading “Investments in Education Pay Off”

Education quality, green technology, and the economic impact of carbon pricing

Education quality, green technology, and the economic impact of carbon pricing (News and Research 274) Carbon pricing is increasingly used by governments to reduce emissions. Using data from 21 European countries, this column considers how education quality interacts with the effect of carbon pricing on emissions, output, and wage inequality. Cognitive skills are associated withContinue reading “Education quality, green technology, and the economic impact of carbon pricing”