It Is Critical to Reopen Schools

News and Research 237 It Is Critical to Reopen Schools, Says World Bank’s Malpass | World Bank President David Malpass says reopening schools is critical for developing nations (Bloomberg). Simulating the Potential Impacts of COVID-19 School Closures on Schooling and Learning Outcomes: A Set of Global Estimates | Congratulations Aroob! | World Bank Research ObserverContinue reading “It Is Critical to Reopen Schools”

European Education Area

News and Research 235 March 8: International Women’s Day: Realizing the returns to schooling: How COVID-19 and school closures are threatening women’s economic future | COVID-19 is threatening the gains being made in girls’ education. Urgent action is needed to ensure that girls and women can realize the returns to their schooling COVID-19: Bringing GirlsContinue reading “European Education Area”

Time to Reopen Schools

News and Research 234 Time to reopen the school gates | America’s failure to get millions of its children back to school is a national fiasco. This was a big week for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). The elected board that runs Maryland’s biggest school district held its first in-person meeting since it closed its 208Continue reading “Time to Reopen Schools”

Skills, Youth and COVID-19

News and Research 233 Georgia Launches New Information Portal to Support and Improve its Vocational Education and Training Sector | A newly revamped website,, will serve as a hub and one-stop shop for information on new developments, data and statistics, best practices, government policies, and latest trends in Georgia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector.Continue reading “Skills, Youth and COVID-19”

Impact of the Poland Education Reforms – and other news

News and Research 231 North Macedonia: Education Ministry: Proposed reforms are in line with World Bank recommendations.. COVID-19 Response: Europe & Central Asia: Tertiary Education |  Lucia Brajkovic, Assel Mukhametzhanova, Denis Nikolaev, Polina Zavalina | This Note offers recommendations in 11 key areas to policy makers at the national, regional and institutional level on howContinue reading “Impact of the Poland Education Reforms – and other news”

Tertiary Education and COVID-19

The World Bank’s Tertiary Education Projects in Europe and Central Asia are Supporting Efforts to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic (News and Research 228) The average private return to tertiary education is just over 15 percent.  It is 10 percent in Europe and Central Asia, but increasing over time, despite substantial enrollment increases. Therefore, itContinue reading “Tertiary Education and COVID-19”