Promoting Parental Involvement in Schools

Promoting Parental Involvement in Schools (News and Research 220) Promoting Parental Involvement in Schools: The AGE Program In Mexico Promoting Parental Involvement in Schools: Evidence From Two Randomized Experiments | NBER Working Paper Series No. 28040 | Parental involvement programs aim to increase school-and-parent communication and support children’s overall learning environment. This paper examines theContinue reading “Promoting Parental Involvement in Schools”

Returns to Education in Russia

Returns to Education in Russia (News and Research 217) Harry A. Patrinos and Suhas Parandekar Wisdom.. comes not from age but from education and learning – Anton Chekov Because of a strong literary tradition and a deep commitment to education, Russia had a highly educated population by the end of the 20th century. Today, nearly two-thirdsContinue reading “Returns to Education in Russia”

COVID-19 and Human Capital

COVID-19 and Human Capital (News and Research 216) The latest Economic Update for Europe and Central Asia, titled COVID-19 and Human Capital, is launched. Emerging and developing economies in the Europe and Central Asia region are on course to contract by 4.4 percent this year, the worst recession since the global financial crisis of 2008.Continue reading “COVID-19 and Human Capital”

Learning Loss due to COVID-19

Learning Loss due to COVID-19 (News and Research 214) The Effect of School Closures on Standardized Student Test Outcomes | The school closures owing to the 2020 COVID-19 crisis resulted in a significant disruption of education provision leading to fears of learning losses and of an increase in educational inequality. This paper evaluates the effectsContinue reading “Learning Loss due to COVID-19”

Returns to Education in Russia

Returns to Education in Russia (News and Research 212) The World Bank ECA Education Global Practice has produced a new Policy Research Working Paper, entitled “Returns to Education in the Russian Federation: Some New Estimates,” written by Ekaterina Melianova, Suhas Parandekar, Harry Anthony Patrinos and Artëm Volgin. Back in communist times the contribution of educationContinue reading “Returns to Education in Russia”

Safe Schooling

Safe Schooling (News and Research 211) Turkey Safe Schooling & Distance Education Launch with Minister of National Education Как пандемия повлияет на образование в Казахстане и Центральной Азии? | How will the pandemic affect education in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries? Read an interview with our Lead Education Specialist Ayesha Vawda and in videoContinue reading “Safe Schooling”