COVID-19 Learning Loss

COVID-19 Learning Loss (News and Research 272) Event: Is Vaccination the Silver Bullet for School Opening? | Thursday December 16 8:30am EST | Zoom | Register here Long-term, nation-wide school closures result in learning losses. Future earning losses due to COVID-19 school closures expected: forecast $15 -$17 trillion worldwide. Update for Europe and Central AsiaContinue reading “COVID-19 Learning Loss”

Transforming Education

Transforming Education (News and Research 271) World Bank Supports Croatia in Transforming Its Primary Education and Offering Better Learning Opportunities | The World Bank Board of Directors approved a loan to the Republic of Croatia in the amount of EUR25 million ($28.9 million equivalent) for a project to improve the learning environment in selected primaryContinue reading “Transforming Education”

Education: Smart Investment, Brighter Future

Education: Smart Investment, Brighter Future (News and Research 266) Uzbekistan: Economic Transformation through Smart Investments in Higher Education Uzbekistan has embarked on economic reforms to diversify its commodity-dependent economy. The dynamic, high performing economy that is envisaged will require a cadre of highly skilled professionals capable of accelerating technological adoption and increasing productivity across UzbekContinue reading “Education: Smart Investment, Brighter Future”

The Crucial Role of Teachers

The Crucial Role of Teachers (News and Research 265) Central Asian Symposium on Education Highlights the Crucial Role of Teachers | Government officials, education professionals, representatives of academia from Central Asian states, as well as international experts on teacher policy, discussed approaches to developing, attracting, and retaining best talent in teaching at the online CentralContinue reading “The Crucial Role of Teachers”