International Women’s Day 2023

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! (News and Research 329) The rate of return to women’s education exceeds that of males by two percentage points. The gap has increased. Education is an excellent investment for women and girls, and a development priority. Human Capital and Climate Change: Human Capital and Climate Change | NBER Working Paper 31000 | AddressingContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2023”

Human Capital and Climate Change

News and Research 328 Human Capital and Climate Change Addressing climate change requires individual behavior change and voter support for pro-climate policies, yet surprisingly little is known about how to achieve these outcomes. This paper estimates causal effects of additional education on pro-climate outcomes using new compulsory schooling law data across 16 European countries. ItContinue reading “Human Capital and Climate Change”

Computer Assisted Instruction

News and Research 327 The Impact of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Student Performance: Evidence from the Dual-Teacher Program | Findings from an evaluation study of the Dual-Teacher program, a computer-assisted instruction program, that makes lecture videos and other teaching resources from an elite urban middle school available through the internet to schools in poor and remoteContinue reading “Computer Assisted Instruction”


News and Research 325 I call this newsletter News and Research, though it focuses on education. It can be described as: Education news refers to recent developments, events, and updates in the field of education, both at the national and international level. It may include information on educational policies, new programs and initiatives, funding, advancementsContinue reading “ChatGPT”

Designing Effective Public-Private Partnerships in Education

Designing Effective Public-Private Partnerships in Education (News and Research 321) Designing effective public-private partnerships in education To be effective, public-private partnerships (PPPs) in education, need to be innovative, hold schools accountable, empower parents and students, and promote diverse educational institutions. A clear legal and regulatory framework is crucial to achieving a sustainable solution. Best practice wouldContinue reading “Designing Effective Public-Private Partnerships in Education”