Transforming Education

Transforming Education (News and Research 308) Remarks by World Bank Group President David Malpass at UNGA 77: The Global Challenge of Addressing the Learning Crisis Event | Four steps are needed to recover these losses and accelerate learning. First, countries need to keep schools open and increase the hours per week of instruction. Second, itContinue reading “Transforming Education”

Ukraine, Human Capital, and More

Ukraine, Human Capital, and More in my latest News and Research 307: Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment, Cost of war, Measuring Human Capital, private schools, returns to education

Investing in Education

Investing in Education (News and Research 305) Is More Always Better? The Role of Increased Parental Involvement in Children’s Learning | The closure of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic offered a window of both challenges and opportunities for parents to take on pedagogical roles in supporting their children’s learning process. There are several ways inContinue reading “Investing in Education”

Schooling in Ukraine

Schooling in Ukraine (News and Research 304) The race is on across Ukraine to build new bunkers. Not for soldiers on the front lines, but students in schools | The new school year is a day of celebration in Ukraine, where children dress up and give bouquets of flowers to their teachers. But Russia’s invasion hasContinue reading “Schooling in Ukraine”

Learning Recovery

Learning Recovery (News and Research 299) How can districts measure learning loss recovery costs? The calculator.  A great new tool from Georgetown University. The pandemic-induced learning loss varies for numerous reasons, including how long a school operated in remote mode as well as student or school characteristics. The Calculator can help districts answer this importantContinue reading “Learning Recovery”