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Comprehensive education works: Finnish reforms of 1970s improved learning outcomes, and promoted equity and growth | 2022 Klein Lecture: Parental Education and Invention: The Finnish Enigma | Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Ari Hyytinen, Otto Toivanen | Why is invention strongly positively correlated with parental income not only in the United States but also in Finland, which displays low income inequality and high social mobility? Using data on 1.45 M Finnish individuals and their parents, it is shown that: (i) the positive association between parental income and off-spring probability of inventing is greatly reduced when controlling for parental education; (ii) instrumenting for the parents having an MSc degree using distance to nearest university reveals a large causal effect of parental education on offspring probability of inventing; and (iii) the causal effect of parental education has been markedly weakened by the introduction in the early 1970s of a comprehensive schooling reform.

ChatGPT could replace telemarketers, teachers  | “Teachers, especially those of languages, literature and history, are next on the list” citing new study in the The Economist. But: human qualities essential for some jobs, such as empathy or charisma” cannot be replaced.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Education | USAID Webinar: How Can Public-Private Partnerships Strengthen Basic Education Service Delivery? | Also, see their resources:

ECA Talk Returns to Education Turns 50 on March 29, 2023, Event Replay. Watch the discussion from earlier this week reassessing progress made on measuring the benefits of education 50 years after the publication of George Psacharopoulos’ pivotal study Returns to Education. Timestamps for remarks and panel discussions during the event replay are marked under the Agenda tab.

Interview (in Greek): Psacharopoulos: Return on Investment in Education: A scientific and research project of 50 years, a “high number” with numerous activities | Γιώργος Ψαχαρόπουλος: Απόδοση της Επένδυσης στην Εκπαίδευση: Ένα επιστημονικό κι ερευνητικό έργο 50 ετών, ένας «high number» με πολυάριθμες δραστηριότητες

Submit a Manuscript to the Journal Education Economics for a Special Issue on the 50th Anniversary of the Returns to Education: An International Comparison | Manuscript deadline: 31 October 2023 | Special Issue Editor: Harry Patrinos, World Bank | Submit An Article | This year is the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book, Returns to Education: An International Comparison, by George Psacharopoulos (assisted by Keith Hinchliffe). Education Economics is publishing a special issue to mark this occasion and the contributions of Professor Psacharopoulos. The focus of this special issue is research on the returns to education. Research on international comparisons and /or  returns to education in less developed economies are especially welcome.