Transforming Education (News and Research 308)

Remarks by World Bank Group President David Malpass at UNGA 77: The Global Challenge of Addressing the Learning Crisis Event | Four steps are needed to recover these losses and accelerate learning. First, countries need to keep schools open and increase the hours per week of instruction. Second, it is important to correctly match instruction to a student’s level of learning and instructional needs, not where they left off. Third, a strong focus on foundational learning is critical – literacy, numeracy, and core learning skills would help teachers and students target their efforts more effectively. And fourth, recovering from this learning crisis requires funding to support it.

From learning recovery to education transformation | Over the past three years, the pandemic has brought profound disruptions to children’s learning, exacerbating the pre-existing global learning crisis. We need to act urgently to recover learning and seize this opportunity to build education systems back better.  Yet, new findings from the fourth round of the Survey on National Education Responses to COVID-19 School Closures show that many countries are still not taking targeted and proven steps to address learning loss. As the Transforming Education Summit rapidly approaches in New York, 16–19 September 2022, further reflection and stocktaking is required to transform education to ensure Sustainable Development Goal 4 can be achieved.

Evra at United Nations | Manchester United legend Patrice Evra was proud to speak at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, requesting further help for children who are affected by violence.

Transforming Education Means Fighting Poverty Traps | Giving all children the best chance to succeed requires addressing glaring inequalities in educational opportunities and investment. Above all, achieving the United Nations’ goal of ensuring quality universal education for all means eradicating environmentally destructive and economically inefficient poverty traps.

Five ways to improve children’s learning Recommendations for the UN’s education summit | The Transforming Education Summit taking place in New York on Monday will discuss how to improve the prospects for hundreds of millions of children around the world struggling with schooling — many of whose lives have been made worse, and more unequal, by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Georgian Prime Minister names education as “top strategic priority” at UN education summit | Georgian prime minister Irakli Garibashvili named education as his government’s “top strategic priority” in his address at the United Nations education summit on Monday, stressing commitment to increasing public funding of the sector to up to six percent of the gross domestic product by 2030.