Learning Recovery (News and Research 299)

How can districts measure learning loss recovery costs? The calculator.  A great new tool from Georgetown University. The pandemic-induced learning loss varies for numerous reasons, including how long a school operated in remote mode as well as student or school characteristics. The Calculator can help districts answer this important question, examine current recovery investments and prioritize spending going forward to get student back on track.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on primary school students’ mathematical reasoning skills: a mediation analysis | The present research aimed to reveal how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the mathematical reasoning of primary school students through mediation analysis. It was designed as ex post facto research. The research sample consisted of two cohorts. Cohort 1 included 415 primary school children who received face-to-face instruction by attending school for six months until COVID-19 emerged. Cohort 2 included 964 children who were taught curricular skills through distance education due to COVID-19 and school closures in Turkey. In total, 1,379 primary school children were recruited into the research sample. Data were collected through a mathematical reasoning test by sending items from the instrument via Google Docs. The data were analyzed with mediation analysis. Results demonstrated that the school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic negatively influenced mathematical reasoning skills. Findings are discussed in the light of human interaction and Cattell’s intelligence theory.

Kyrgyz School Directors To Be Replaced After Five Years Of Service | The directors of some 1,000 schools in Kyrgyzstan will be replaced before the coming academic year under a presidential decree aiming to combat corruption.

Mitigating the Learning Losses Caused by the COVID-19 School Closures | IDEA/WB Conference June 21, 2022 | The conference hosted by the World Bank and IDEA at CERGE-EI in Prague | The objective of this conference was to document the size and determinants of the learning loss brought about by school closures, identify policy options to reverse these losses and set the bases of a more resilient education system. More information on the conference and the speakers: https://idea.cerge-ei.cz/udalosti/edu…

00:00:00 – Welcoming Remarks (Sergey Slobodyan, Štěpán Jurajda, Galina Vincelette)

00:29:03 – Keynote: Harry Patrinos: The Impact of COVID-19 on Student Learning

01:03:00 – Panel: Learning Recovery Plans (Chair: Daniel Münich)

02:03:35 – Rafael de Hoyos: Covid-19 as an Opportunity to Improve Educational Systems

02:32:29 – Panel: Towards Resilient Education Systems (Chair: Alina Sava)

03:42:50 – Panel: A Call to Action (Chair: Lenora Chu)

International Seminar on Research on the Quality of Education | Organized by the Colombian Institute for the Assessment of Education (ICFES). The event is annual, and this is the 13th version. This year’s topic is “educational trajectories”.