Reopen Schools (News and Research 261)

Planning Amid Uncertainty – Reopening Schools in Europe and Central Asia | In Europe and Central Asia, countries are faced with difficult choices between getting students back to school or continuing with remote learning. One year later, the availability of vaccines has instilled renewed hope, but much uncertainty remains. Read more in our report: Learning Recovery after COVID-19 in Europe and Central Asia: Policy and Practice

Improvement of Early Childhood Services Could Help Kosovo Forge a New Economic Future | Children who participate in high-quality early childhood programming have stronger short and long-term outcomes in education, health, crime and economic productivity.

Engaging Teachers with Technology Increased Achievement, Bypassing Teachers Did Not | Using two RCTs in middle schools in Pakistan, we show brief, expert-led, curriculum-based videos integrated into the classroom experience improved teaching effectiveness–student test scores in math and science increased by 0.3 standard deviations, 60% more than the control group, after 4 months of exposure. Students and teachers increased their attendance, and students were more likely to pass the government high-stakes exams. In contrast, similar content when provided to students on personal tablets decreased student scores by 0.4SD. The contrast between the two effects shows the importance of engaging existing teachers and the potential for technology to do so.

Learning Recovery after COVID-19 In Europe and Central Asia: Policy and Practice

The COVID-19 Cost of School Closures in Earnings and Income across the World

HLO (Harmonized Learning Outcomes) | Measuring Human Capital using Global Learning DataNature 592: 403-408 | Summary in VoxEU | Data

Learning Loss During COVID-19: An Early Systematic Review