Back to School? (News and Research 208)

Most Americans do not want to send their children back to school

COVID-19 School Dilemma Troubles Balkan, Central Europe Govts Preparations for the new school year are under way throughout Central and Southeast Europe, but governments across the region are still uncertain exactly how teaching will resume – at home, online, or both.

School attendance during a pandemic Prior performance is positively associated with neighbourhood income, suggesting that students in poorer neighbourhoods may be less likely to follow school distancing guidelines during a pandemic. The relaxed attendance policy is associated with decreased performance for students that take more absences.

Delaying college in the pandemic could cost you: Study says students could lose $90,000 over their lifetime

Harvard Professor: Closing Schools Could Mean 10 Percent Lower Earnings For The Rest Of This Generation’s Lives

Academic literature finds that children are likely to experience a persistent 2.3–3.7 percent decline in future earnings as a result of lower human capital accumulation from the shortened school year

Delaying college in the pandemic could cost you: Study says students could lose $90,000 over their lifetime

Delaying College During the Pandemic Can Be Costly

Closed Schools Are a National Emergency


The contribution of human capital and its policies to per capita income in Europe and the OECD Higher attendance at pre-primary education, greater autonomy of schools and universities, a lower student-to-teacher ratio, higher age of first tracking in secondary education and lower barriers to funding to students in tertiary education all tend to boost human capital through amplifying the positive effects of greater public spending on education. 


The International Association of Student Affairs and Services or IASAS, in cooperation with Deutsches Studentenwerk, just released Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global foundations, issues, and best practices. The volume is the most comprehensive global look at higher education student affairs and services to date and is featured in the University World News Includes chapter on Croatia by Lucia Brajkovic.

Education is the most important driver of British income growth during the period 1270–2010

La educación libre es un imperativo para el future

A Second Chance? Labor Market Returns to Adult Education Using School Reform Roughly one third of a cohort drop out of high school across OECD countries. Increases in high school completion and beyond among women lead to higher earnings, increased employment, and decreased fertility. As male education remains unchanged by the reforms, later life education reduces the pre-existing gender earnings gap by a considerable fraction.

We Know How to Fix Student Debt The U.S. government spends more on higher education than many countries where students graduate with far less debt. Is there a better way?

Continuities in Transition: Ethnicity, Language and Labour Market Inequalities in Kyrgyzstan

A Review of Empirical Research on School Leadership in the Global South

Dominican Republic President’s inauguration speech: “According to the World Bank, the schooling expectation of a Dominican child is 11.3 years, but the effective schooling by skills management is reduced to 6.3.” [Spanish, YouTube]