The Coming Economic Crisis and the Education Response (News and Research 190)


World Bank sees ‘major global recession’ due to pandemic

Kyrgyz-Learning for the Future

Foreign Policy: The Coronavirus Is the Biggest Emerging Markets Crisis Ever

‘We have entered recession’ says IMF chief

Educational challenges and opportunities of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The long-term consequences of missing a term of school | The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a health crisis. Many countries have (rightly) decided to close schools, and teaching is moving online, on an untested and unprecedented scale… As an extremely rough measure of the impact of the current school closures, … 12 weeks less schooling (60 school days) implies a loss…

Paralyzed by Panic: Measuring the Effect of School Closures during the 1916 Polio Pandemic on Educational Attainment | …With over 23,000 cases of polio diagnosed in 1916, officials implemented quarantines and closed schools… children ages 14-17 during the pandemic had less educational attainment in 1940 compared to their slightly older peers.

9 Out Of 10 Children Are Out Of School Worldwide. What Now?

One and a half billion lessons missed: Russian education has withstood the first blow of Coronavirus

A framework to guide an education response to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

Amid school closures and social distancing, finding hope in a crisis | Arne Duncan: In over seven years running Chicago Public Schools, I never once closed schools because I knew how important schools were to vulnerable children. In addition to learning, schools provided needed sustenance in the form of meals to our mostly low-income students, as well as structure, play, camaraderie and, for some, safety. The coronavirus is different…

A broad strategy for schools during the COVID-19 pandemic | The social and economic effects of COVID-19 will be severe and touch every corner of the country. But there is much that can be done to soften the blow and put ourselves in a better situation for the long term. Schools have a particularly important role to play.

COVID-19 and the Non-State Education Sector: Recommendations and Opportunities

High-stakes school exams during COVID-19 (Coronavirus): What is the best approach?

High-stakes examinations in France and Italy are out. Also Uzbekistan plans to amend university entering exams procedure ( | The State Testing Center has published for discussion a draft presidential decree on the simplification of entrance exams to higher educational institutions. The document provides for the introduction of a system of admission to universities based on the results of school graduation tests, without conducting additional exams.


Good news break:

1111Two ROSE (World Bank financed project in Romania) supported high-schools are making very impressive efforts to help the health sector in their communities with badly needed medical protection materials. The National College, Alexadru Vlahutain Ramnicu Sarat, Buzau county, has a robotics team that initiated the production of protection glasses for medical staff using 3D printers. The device was approved by Buzau county medical authorities and the first set of ten such protection glasses reached the local hospital in Ramnicu Sarat. They are currently producing 10 such devices every 24 hours and are making efforts to get additional 3D Printers including donations. Another technical high- school, Colegiul Tehnic „I. C. Stefanescu” in Iasi is using its facilities to produce protection masks. While the school is closed, the principal and some staff are using the sewing machines at school to produce about 1,000 masks per week.

And from North Macedonia, the Innovation Fund, supported by the Skills Development and Innovation Support project, provided a list of the firms that responded to the appeal for support in combating COVID-19 in the country.  One interesting example is from primary school “Krste Misirkov” in Kumanovo. The school received a 3D printer intended for the realization of its project for printing teaching aids, but in this situation is used for visor mask production. Current and former students from the school donated all the masks to doctors and medical staff at the General Hospital in Kumanovo.


How countries across Latin America use technology during COVID19-driven school closures

What the Great Recession Tells Us About the Pandemic Downturn to Come: Expect Declining Student Performance, Widening Achievement Gaps

COVID-19: the gendered impacts of the outbreak

Pandemics and the labor market—Then and now

The Coronavirus and the Great Influenza Pandemic: Lessons from the “Spanish Flu” for the Coronavirus’s Potential Effects on Mortality and Economic Activity

Georgian First Channel kicks off an educational project | Teleschool (Teleskola), framework of a joint project of Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Georgian First Channel, the lesson timetable will cover all the subjects that are included in the National Curriculum

Central Asia countries switch to remote learning amid COVID-19 outbreak

Kyrgyz Republic Announces Mandatory National School Testing Postponed ( | Details on remote learning initiatives in Kyrgyz Republic:

  1. Video lessons for primary and secondary schools
  2. Free access to websites with education content
  3. All students and teachers will be provided with SIM-cards for free access to education app
  4. Ministry of Education and Science announced campaign “Reading Family” through Facebook
  5. Free mobile application “Matriculant RG” launched for grade 9-10-11 students
  6. CEATM (private testing company) launched online lessons on preparation to admission tests


Uzbekistan launched distance learning project for schools ( | Source) | From March 30 the distance learning project Online School is being piloted.

Uzbekistan’ Ministry of Preschool Education Launches “Online Kindergarten” | Starting from April 1, the Ministry of Preschool Education, together with the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, will launch preschool educational project “Online Kindergarten,” which will be available both on TV and the Ministry’s social media platforms.

There will be not quarantine for coronavirus in Tajikistan’s schools

East Asia and Pacific in the Time of COVID-19, the Bank’s April 2020 Economic Update:

Breaking Ground in Uzbekistan: How Webster University is Transforming Global Education through Public-Private Partnerships