Education in a Time of Coronavirus (News and Research 188)


Managing the impact of COVID19 on education systems around the world: How countries are preparing, coping, and planning for recovery  | Tigran Shmis and Kaliope Azzi-Huck on school system responses to the growing spread of the COVID19 virus – 120 countries have closed schools impacting almost a billion students across the globe

Suspending Classes Without Stopping Learning: China’s Education Emergency Management Policy in the COVID-19 Outbreak | Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 outbreak, an emergency policy initiative called “Suspending Classes Without Stopping Learning” was launched by the Chinese government to continue teaching activities as schools across the country were closed to contain the virus…

Mitigate the effects of home confinement on children during the COVID-19 outbreak | In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, the Chinese Government has ordered a nationwide school closure as an emergency measure to prevent spreading of the infection. Public activities are discouraged. The Ministry of Education estimates that more than 220 million children and adolescents are confined to their homes; this includes 180 million primary and secondary students and 47 million preschool children). Thanks to the strong administrative system in China, the emergency home schooling plan has been rigorously implemented…

“School’s Out, But Class’s On”, The Largest Online Education in the World Today: Taking China’s Practical Exploration During The COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control as An Example

Armenia education minister: Staying home at this time is not vacation for schoolchildren

How covid-19 is interrupting children’s education | Almost a billion children have seen their schools close

Mitigating the COVID Economic Crisis: Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes

Using federal stimulus to get schools through the coronavirus crisis: The case for summer school and summer teacher pay | Studies of online learning suggest not only that students learn less in online environments, compared with in person, but that disadvantaged students learn the least

A silent hero of the coronavirus crisis | Penny Goldberg on the role of technology

The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Education System | Coronavirus forces students from elementary school to college out of the classroom. NPR looks at the impact on students, their families and the education system

We Need To Scrap Summer Exams As School Shutdown Looms Closer

Central Asian States Can’t Hide the Coronavirus Any Longer

Colorado cancels all K-12 state testing for remainder of school year due to coronavirus


The Human Capital Paradox: A Measurement Issue? | Human capital is widely regarded as a fundamental input in the theoretical growth literature and recommendations to boost it feature prominently among reform priorities for a great number of countries – yet, the OECD says that quantifying the macroeconomic effects of human capital has often proven frustratingly elusive

Year-Round School Calendars: Effects on Summer Learning, Achievement, Parents, Teachers, and Property Values | Although year-round calendars do increase summer learning, they reduce learning at other times of year, so that the total amount learned over a 12-month period is no greater under a year-round calendar than under a nine-month calendar

Bosnia and Herzegovina joins the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees