Higher Education Reform in Europe

Higher Education Reform in Europe


World Bank supports Georgia’s human capital by helping enhance the quality of education

The Government of Georgia and the World Bank launched today the Innovation, Inclusion and Quality (I2Q) project at an event held at the Ceremonial Palace of Georgia. The $102.7 million project aims to support investment in human capital through greater access to preschool education, and enhancements aimed at improving the quality education and the learning environment.g3

World Bank Supports Georgia’s Human Capital by Helping Enhance the Quality of Education

Georgia and World Bank launch I2Q project to support human capital

World Bank launches $102.7m educational programme in Georgia

$103 USD for Education Development – The World Bank’s Project in Georgia

World Bank to Launch 103 million USD Project for Education System Development in Georgia

Sebastian Molineus – 2020 will be the year to test the durability of global and Georgia’s economy

Better Higher Education to Improve People’s Skills in Moldova, with World Bank Support

Moldova’s higher education project to benefit from $39.4m credit


OECD warns coronavirus could halve global growth

An unexpected tech boom in Serbia

Как победить бедность в России

Uzbekistan: Public Expenditure Review

Improving Uzbekistan’s public finances: More transparency, better budgeting, and lower taxes

How skills shape the trajectory of life after school in Uganda: Lessons from a youth skills evaluation

February 2020 edition of the OECD Effective Learning Environments (formerly LEEP) e-newsletter



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