Markets and People (News and Research 182)


Markets and People: Romania Country Economic Memorandum…Romania’s human capital accumulation—proxied by the World Bank’s Human Capital Index (HCI)—is the lowest in the European Union and varies widely across counties. Disparities in education outcomes remain relevant across and within regions of Romania. Learning gaps in primary and secondary education persist. These can be seen clearly between urban and rural areas, across regions, and across social groups, requiring changes both at the systems level and at the learning-center level. In the labor market, the automation of production processes has started driving demand for higher levels of cognitive skills, while jobs involving the routine application of procedural knowledge are shrinking in number. A paradigm shift would require reforms in primary and secondary schooling, in addition to more targeted actions, to establish an effective skills development system to bolster human capital…

David Malpass: “The crisis that leaves children without a future” Кризис, который оставляет детей без будущего

American Webster University to open the first campus in Georgia Webster University will open the first campus in the region on the territory of Silicon Valley Tbilisi, where BTU is located. Campuses of Webster University are also located in countries such as Holland, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece…

Heterogeneity in the Effect of College Expansion Policy on Wages: Evidence from the Russian Labor Market

What gets youths into jobs around the world? Train them in a skill.

The Effect of Increasing Human Capital Investment on Economic Growth and Poverty: A Simulation Exercise

Students scholarship to be revised | In Uzbekistan, a new procedure has been established for determining, appointing and paying scholarships to students of higher educational institutions…

OECD promoting entrepreneurship development in Turkmenistan | Turkmenistan is taking part in the implementation of a project by the OECD to improve the legal environment for entrepreneurship in Central Asia…

Policies for human capital development: South Eastern Europe and Turkey – An ETF Torino Process Assessment

Productivity and Sectoral Allocation: The Labor Market of School Principals

The Economic Consequences of Increasing Sleep Among the Urban Poor

Trade, Internal Migration, and Human Capital: Who Gains from India’s IT Boom?

Russia: Returns to Education Workshop:

Columbia University president addresses 21st century challenges in Kathimerini interview