PISA 2018 Results

PISA 2018 Results (News and Research 174)

After two decades of PISA tests, why haven’t scores risen more?

Rich-nation education splurge fails to deliver results

Pisa star Finland falls down rankings

Japanese students drop to country’s lowest-ever rank in reading in international test


How do Sweden’s Pisa school results compare to other countries?

Pisa rankings: Why Estonian pupils shine in global tests

Pisa rankings: Irish teens among the best at reading in developed world

Canadian high school students among top performers in reading, according to new international ranking

Polish students’ results in top three in international study – minister

Turkey Falls Behind OECD Average in PISA 2018 – but the results show the highest increase in mathematics and science performances!

Macedonian students ranked among the worst in Europe – but one of the biggest increases in scores over time!

Albania PISA

Belarus fares well in its maiden PISA test and Belarus showed a decent result on PISA


Пресс-конференция об итогах первого участия Беларуси в исследовании PISA прошла в БЕЛТА

Education Minister Krasimir Valchev: Bulgaria PISA

Bosnia and Herzegovina PISA

Croatian Students Under-Perform in All Fields of PISA Survey

Education minister says lessons will be learnt from Cyprus’ poor marks

OECD student assessment places Georgia 70th among 79 countries

Greece slips in OECD’s student assessment

Results shown by Kazakh students in the global study PISA-2018

PISA results paint dispiriting picture: Results from PISA 2018 tests show Kosovo’s 15-year-olds recording some of the lowest average scores among all the countries tested in reading, maths and science

Moldova PISA

PISA 2018 test results show over 4 in 10 Romanian students don’t understand what they read; education minister not that worried

One in three students in Serbia is functionally illiterate

PISA: Slovak pupils below OECD average

Ukrainian schoolchildren rank 79th in 2018 OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment

What are the main lessons from the latest results from PISA 2018 for Latin America?

PISA ranking: Why the last place is not so bad for Kyrgyzstan


And now for something completely different:

Does eating fish and chips boost Pisa scores?



Improving Preschool Provision and Encouraging Demand: Heterogeneous Impacts of a Large-Scale Program

World Bank to grant US$100m to upgrade universities

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