Bold Education Reforms Needed

Bold Education Reforms Needed (News and Research 172)

Bold education reforms can lift Ukraine’s economy | So why is education not contributing more to Ukraine’s economy? A recently completed World Bank education study identifies several likely reasons…a.PNG

Bulgaria government announces free preschool for children from poor families | with the support of the World Bank makes the case using experimental evidence

World Bank official: Uzbekistan should invest in human capital to achieve better results | Uzbekistan needs to invest in the development of human capital in order to achieve high results in the future…aa.PNG

A Meeting of Preschool Education Specialists of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held, headed by Minister Ms. Agrippina Shin and a World Bank Delegation led by Mr. Harry Patrinos, Global Education Practice Manager

Education Conference Held in Bishkek | В Бишкеке состоялась конференция, посвященная образованию

«Российские школьники отстают в некогнитивных навыках» Представитель Всемирного банка — российском образовании и его будущем | “Russian schoolchildren lag behind in non-cognitive skills”

Contrasting Experiences: Understanding the Longer-Term Impact of Improving Access to Preschool Education in Rural Indonesia

Built to Last: Sustainability of Early Childhood Education Services in Rural Indonesia

Singapore’s National AI Strategy to Focus on Personalized Education

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