Peru (News and Research 165)

An interview with former Peruvian Minister of Education Jaime Saavedra


The race between education and technology in Europe and Central Asia

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.pngWhile enrollment in tertiary education worldwide has gone up three-fold since 1970, the overall returns to education – the benefits to individuals and society from investment in education – have not changed during the past 5 decades…

Heterogeneity in the Effect of College Expansion Policy on Wages: Evidence from Russia

Building a learning culture for the digital world: lessons from Moscow

Why Is Russia So Unproductive?

The People’s Republic of China at 70

Estimating China’s Foreign Aid: 2017-2018 Preliminary Figures | Publications – JICA

World Bank’s Human Capital Index: How is BiH ranked?

A Socioeconomic Disaggregation of the World Bank Human Capital Index

Other Things Being Equal: Comparing Literacies in the Czech and Slovak Republics