Is Education a Bad Investment? (News and Research 163)

Is education a bad investment, asks Jorge Moreno?  No, it is not, he says, and so does the evidence | ¿Es la educación una mala inversión?


School-Based Management in Mexico, program combined cash grant with school improvement | intervention did not have an effect on performance after 1 year | Additional analysis suggests that benefits might be realized with several years exposure

World Bank President Malpass remarks at the Peterson Institute

Developments in the rates of early leavers from education and training (ELET), by George Psacharopoulos

This week Pearson released the results of their Global Learner Survey, a new study capturing the opinions of more than 11,000 learners worldwide. The survey is accompanied by a white paper, Opportunity for Higher Education in the Era of the Talent Economy, with emphasis on tertiary education

Teaching in three languages | Ақпараттық-талдау орталығы | Халықаралық тәжірибе және Қазақстанға арналған ұсыныстар |Международный опыт и рекомендации для Казахстана |International experience and recommendations for Kazakhstan