Human Capital and Knowledge (Education News and Research 162)

How Much Chance Do Kids in Croatia Have of Reaching Their Potential? … a child born in the Republic of Croatia today has a 72 percent chance of reaching their full potential in terms of education, stated Harry Anthony Patrinos, the main man of the World Bank’s education practice on Monday, otherwise the first day of the new school year…

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Lecture entitled “Measuring Human Capital of Knowledge”  At the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, on Monday, September 9 at 11 am Harry Patrinos, World Bank’s education sector manager for the Europe and Central Asia region, gave a lecture on measuring the human capital of knowledge, that is, the skills that people acquire over their lives…

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U Srbiji dijete ima 76 posto šanse doseći svoj potencijal, a u Sloveniji 79 posto, evo kako stoji

Dijete u Hrvatskoj ima 72 posto šanse doseći svoj puni potencijal

ANALIZA SVJETSKE BANKE: U Bosni i Hercegovini dijete ima 62 posto šanse doseći svoj

U Irskoj 9 posto više: Dijete u Hrvatskoj ima 72 posto šanse doseći svoj puni potencijal

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