Human Capital Research in ECA

Human Capital Research in ECA (Education News and Research 160)

HSE University and World Bank Discuss Joint Human Capital Development Projects

aaaJaimeOn August 22, HSE University leadership met with Jaime Saavedra, Head of the World Bank’s Education Global Practice. Participants of the meeting discussed issues related to areas of current and future cooperation between HSE University and the World Bank. These areas include not only education, but the development of human capital in general. The meeting addressed prospects for collaboration in order to address the ‘grand challenges’ of today. A central issue discussed was the realization of the Human Capital Index, a global initiative of the World Bank, which is dedicated to the study of factors influencing the development of human capital. Studied factors include, first of all, education and healthcare. Countries can use the findings of this work to identify areas in which investments would ensure an increase in human capital, which means, in the long term, an increase in the well-being of the population and the national economy… ‘This year we had another successful session of our joint summer school, which focuses on the role of education in national and regional socio-economic development,’ said Professor Froumin. ‘We look forward to expanding our areas of collaboration…

New: The Russian translation of the Human Capital Booklet is now live on Open Knowledge Repository:

The World Bank’s Research Agenda…in the last few years, there has been a greater focus on “people.”​ The Human Capital Project is a good example. That’s a very positive development in my view. In the old days, advice was sometimes cast in abstract terms, referring to countries without recognizing that countries consist of humans….

Summer Learning Loss Sure Is Real | In his summer 2019 essay “Is Summer Learning Loss Real?,” Paul von Hippel tells us that his belief in summer slide – the pattern that has low-income and disadvantaged minority youth losing ground academically to their more advantaged peers over the long summer break — “has been shaken.” Von Hippel is a respected education researcher whom I hold in high regard, but I do not share his position on summer learning loss. This rejoinder explains why…

In the J-PAL August 2019 Newsletter the School-based management and learning outcomes: Experimental evidence from Colima, Mexico… is cited…

The Race between Education and Technology: Higher Education in Europe and Central Asia September 4, 2019, 10:00AM – 11:30AM | MC 2-800, World Bank MC building | Asli Demirgüç-Kunt | Harry Anthony Patrinos | Deon Filmer

IZA paper Estimating the return to schooling using the Mincer equation now in German and in Spanish

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