Human Capital and Student Achievement

Human Capital and Student Achievement (Education News and Research 155)

My interview on Facebook Live at the European Training Foundation, Turin, Italy, where I talk about Human Capital, education and development.Capture.PNG

Young people struggle in eurozone’s two-tier labour market

Effect of 2008 economic crisis on 8 EU countries | Persistence of returns to school investments; crisis exerts bigger loss for less educated. Post-communist countries were hit harder: Slovenia less, Estonia recovered faster, Hungary affected most…

How Did EU Membership of Eastern Europe Affect Student Achievement? | Positive and statistically significant link of EU membership to reading scores by one decile of a standard deviation…

Why Half the Scientists in Some Eastern European Countries are Women |
The Soviet legacy is part of the reason…

Mamuka Bakhtadze: Education will serve as the only guarantee for overcoming painful challenges facing Georgia

The Remarkable Unresponsiveness of College Students to Nudging And What We Can Learn from It

ASI Project Will Save 4 Trillion Rubles in the Construction and Reconstruction of Schools | Project Will Save 4 Trillion Rubles in Construction and Reconstruction of Schools – effective and modern with international standards…The study of world experience in creating modern educational spaces was presented by the World Bank specialist Tigran Shmis. He reported that in the UK, 16% of the educational achievements of schoolchildren are related to the educational environment – lighting, noise, temperature and air quality, flexibility of the environment and a sense of belonging (the ability to use your locker or move objects in the classroom). “The better the environment, the better the achievements,” said Tigran Shmis…

Turkish template on equal education access for all kids

Effects of the shift to English-only instruction on college outcomes: Evidence from Central Asia … the introduction of English-only instruction led to a decrease of GPAs and probability of graduation and an increase in the number of failed course credits. Although negative, the effects were short-lived…

The diploma disease in Central Asia: students’ views about purpose of university education in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan Findings suggest that due to socio-economic pressures, students largely see the purpose of university in terms of its economic value, namely enhanced access to employment opportunities … Due to an oversupply of graduates and limited employment opportunities, employers have raised the bar for qualifications to select job candidates…

Education and training are not only important for those who are personally involved, but also for the whole society


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