Human Capital Development (Education News and Research 153)

University Quality Evaluation Programs: What Can Russia Share with the International Community?

Picture1.pngSince 2008, the Russian Federation and the World Bank have worked together to improve education quality in low- and middle-income countries and to build the capacity of Russian experts and institutions to deliver development aid in the field of education. One of the dimensions of the work in Russia has supported the development and institutionalization of graduate and postgraduate programs on the evaluation of education quality. For example, the newly developed Ph.D. program on education quality at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) features 9 Ph.D. study programs of education quality in Russia and beyond. Such programs have provided targeted learning opportunities for policymakers and psychometric professionals and have proven to be popular and effective – high-quality psychometric skills have been in-demand in the private and public sectors and many graduates also choose to pursue careers in education quality and research in Russia…

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