Upper Secondary Education (Education News and Research 144)

What characterizes upper secondary vocational education and training?


3rd IZA/HSE Workshop on Skills and Preferences and Labor Market Outcomes in Post-transition and Emerging Economies

The Wrong Kind of AI? Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Labor Demand

Мулоқоти вакилони Маҷлиси намояндагони бо ҳаӣати Бонки Ҷаҳонӣ | Bank team meets with Parliament in Tajikistan and discusses ECD


Please register/inform clients for the World Bank and the Higher School of Economics welcome applications for the upcoming: First International Summer School: The Role of Education in National and Regional Socioeconomic Development | July 8–12, 2019, Moscow | We encourage applications by students and early-career researchers from Russia, the CIS, Eastern Europe and China who pursue various perspectives in the Economics of Education and Education Policy. The Summer School aims to demonstrate the unity of theoretical and applied research on the Economics of Education and Education Policy. The main goal of the Summer School is to contribute to the development of theory and practice in the Economics of Education and Education Policy by foregrounding the latest international research and practice in this field.

Оnline registration form

— Igor Sloev: Tel: +7 (495) 772-9590*23086, email: isloev@hse.ru

— Polina Zavalina: Tel: +7 (499) 921-2054, email: pzavalina@worldbank.org

— Evgeniy Savelyonok: email: esavelyonok@hse.ru



6 phases of a project
1.   Enthusiasm

2.   Disillusionment

3.   Panic

4.   Search for the guilty

5.   Punishment of the innocent

6.   Praise and honors for the non-participants

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