Reducing Inequality in Higher Education

Reducing Inequality in Higher Education (Education News and Research 143)

What have we learned from reviewing 75 studies about interventions to reduce inequality in higher education?

  1. There are several mechanisms driving the under-representation of disadvantaged students in higher education
  2. Policy makers should consider implementing more outreach policies
  3. Policy makers should use financial aid more efficiently
  4. Researchers should produce more evidence from developing countries

Education in Serbia: From good to great


In terms of schooling, Serbia has made great strides in ensuring universal access to pre-primary, primary, and lower-secondary education, and has considerably improved learning outcomes. Enrollment in basic education is higher than 95 percent and the quality of education in Serbia has improved considerably over time. The Harmonized Learning Outcomes have increased from 458 points in 2003 to 521 points in 2015 – an increase of 63 points, or a gain of 2 years in learning outcomes…

Thriving with technology in Greece

A Second Chance for Education: Examining the Roles of Education in Conflict and Peace based on Life Stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Approaching Equity: Fewer Low-Performing Students

Silicon Valley Came to Kansas Schools. That Started a Rebellion

Economics of Education Short Course at Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 22-23 April 2019 Feedback


Please register/inform clients for the World Bank and the Higher School of Economics welcome applications for the upcoming: First International Summer School: The Role of Education in National and Regional Socioeconomic Development | July 8–12, 2019, Moscow | We encourage applications by students and early-career researchers from Russia, the CIS, Eastern Europe and China who pursue various perspectives in the Economics of Education and Education Policy. The Summer School aims to demonstrate the unity of theoretical and applied research on the Economics of Education and Education Policy. The main goal of the Summer School is to contribute to the development of theory and practice in the Economics of Education and Education Policy by foregrounding the latest international research and practice in this field. Оnline registration form

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