Every child deserves to reach their full potential (Education News and Research 138)

World Bank Experts: Estonia must teach people how to fail

Meeting of the Minister of Science Sanja Damjanovic and the World Bank delegation

How effective are early grade reading interventions? A review of the evidence:

  • Early grade reading interventions are a reliable means to improve literacy.
  • Their average effects equate to over two years of schooling.
  • They improve basic and advanced literacy skills, in a wide variety of contexts.
  • However, they rarely create fluent readers over short periods.
  • They can be highly cost-effective, but costs depend on contextual factors.

Public Education Minister confirms GOU’s commitment to raise teachers’ salaries up to US$1,000

Georgia’s Future Is in Hands of Students

A New Way to Pay for College

Every child deserves to reach their full potential


Urban – rural learning gaps around the world (based on HLO (Harmonized Learning Outcomes)):


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