Top Ten Performers on Human Capital (based on World Bank’s Harmonized Learning Outcomes (HLO), part of the Human Capital Index)


Educational Equity in Russia

Education Equity in the Russian Federation The Russian Federation does well on educational equity, a fact that is perhaps not as well known as Russian performance on levels of international assessments… Russian students show the lowest ‘achievement gap’ between students from the highest and lowest socio-economic groups… Russian education equity performance is likely on account of strong and sustained educational policy measures and not a historical artifact of higher income equity for former socialist countries… Russia has set itself the objective of being amongst the ten highest ranking countries by educational quality – to achieve this objective it will be vital to address inequity by bringing up the low performers…

Competing in the Digital Age: Policy Implications for the Russian Federation – Russia Digital Economy Report

Azerbaijan Human Capital Forum December 19-21, 2018

“Our aim is to turn black gold into human capital”— President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

Azerbaijan hosts high-level human capital forum

Azerbaijan may improve indicators in WB Human Capital Index

Duration of education does not influence its quality

Rector: Universities need more independence

It is necessary to change nature of education to make it career-oriented

The Economic Case for Education in Vietnam  Education is central to the development of human capital. Vietnam has made significant progress. This paper reviews existing research on the returns to education and makes the case for investment in schooling. In Vietnam, the returns to schooling are 10 percent overall. The returns to primary and secondary education have declined over time and are lower than the regional average. The returns to secondary education are low, but not much lower than the regional average. The returns to tertiary education are high, have increased considerably, and are about 20 percent. Therefore, investing in higher education makes sense for the individual and her family.

How is the Human Capital Index prompting action?  

The effect of human capital on earnings: Evidence from a reform at Colombia’s top university In this paper I test whether the return to college education is the result of human capital accumulation or instead reflects the fact that attending college signals higher ability to employers. I exploit a reform at Universidad de Los Andes, which in 2006 reduced the …

The effectiveness of school-based decision making in improving educational outcomes: a systematic review