Prime Minister of Georgia presents education reform strategy Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and Education Minister Mikheil Batiashvili have presented a strategy for Georgian education reform today in Ikalto, in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia, where one of the first Georgian academies was built in the 11th century…


Early-stage education gets new World Bank assistance in Macedonia  The World Bank has approved a 33.4 million US dollar loan to help advance social protection and early childhood education and care (ECEC) systems in Macedonia. The Social Services Improvement Project will help address the challenges that are particularly associated with social exclusion of vulnerable groups and the low quality and fragmentation of ECEC and social services…


100 innovations in K12 education  HundrED has selected 100 inspiring innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. Explore.

More Than Schooling: Understanding Gender Differences in the Labor Market When Measures of Skill Are Available This paper uses measures of cognitive and noncognitive skills in an expanded definition of human capital to examine how schooling and skills differ between men and women and how those differences relate to gender gaps in earnings across nine middle-income countries. The analysis finds that post-secondary schooling and cognitive skills are more important for women’s earnings at the lower end and middle of the earnings distribution, and that men and women have positive returns to openness to new experiences and risk-taking behavior and negative returns to hostile attribution bias. Especially at the lower end of the earnings distribution, women are disadvantaged not so much by having lower human capital than men, but by institutional factors such as wage structures that reward women’s human capital systematically less than men’s.

Decline of Global Extreme Poverty Continues but Has Slowed  Fewer people are living in extreme poverty around the world, but the decline in poverty rates has slowed, raising concerns about achieving the goal of ending poverty by 2030 and pointing to the need for increased pro-poor investments, the World Bank finds…

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