Why Ukraine’s Education System is Not Sustainable …it is hard to believe that the state spends 6 percent of GDP on education – one of the highest rates of public spending on education in the world. Ukrainian schools often lack adequate facilities, modern equipment or quality textbooks. Rural schools may sometimes lack indoor restrooms, to speak nothing of their outdated classrooms…The problems facing the country’s education system go deeper – namely outdated teaching methodologies and low morale among teachers. Both the approaches towards teaching and towards learning are out of date, with students practicing rote recitation without knowing how to use this knowledge in everyday life.  Lessons are overburdened with theoretical knowledge and lacking in practical application, while textbooks are academically dry and overburdened with secondary factual materials – dampening motivation and curiosity among students…


Getting Out of School and into the Workplace: Strengthening Work-Based Learning in Upper Secondary Technical Education in Poland’s Swietokrzyskie Region This report provides recommendations and international examples for expanding the use of work-based learning (WBL) in vocational education and training (VET)

A Model for the Future of Education …In the traditional education system, you start at an “A,” and every time you get something wrong, your score gets lower and lower. At best it’s demotivating, and at worst it has nothing to do with the world you occupy as an adult. In the gaming world (e.g. Angry Birds), it’s just the opposite. You start with zero and every time you come up with something right, your score gets higher and higher…

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