The Future of Education

Class two students line up to enter a classroom at the start of school in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Photo by: Kelley Lynch / GPE / CC BY-NC-ND

DUBAI — Education has long been notoriously slow to change. Most classrooms around the world look scarcely different than they did a century ago. But as the World Bank’s education lead Harry Patrinos told Devex at the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai, “the race is now being led by technology, and education is having trouble keeping up.” With automation and artificial intelligence likely to cut off the traditional path to development for many countries, which has included employing large numbers of workers in low-skill manufacturing, education systems simply aren’t ready…

Future Talk: Will automation in the workplace revolutionise education … 17, 2018 – Uploaded by Global Education & Skills Forum | Mr Harry Patrinos discusses cutting edge concepts relating to the future ofautomation and its impact on what …


Une crise de l’apprentissage au niveau mondial?  Les ÉchosMar 30, 2018 | La base de données développée par Angrist, Patrinos et Schlotter (2013) nous permet de comparer les connaissances des élèves entre les pays et dans le temps. Nous n’observons pas de détérioration générale des connaissances pour les pays en développement pour lesquels les données sont disponibles…

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