Investing in Teachers (News and Research 60)

Investing in Teachers Crucial to Improve Education in Indonesia: World Bank  The World Bank’s senior director of education, Jaime Saavedra, said on Thursday (14/09) that Indonesia needs to reform and invest in the teaching profession for classroom learning to be more effective and the quality of education in the country to improve. “Teachers are still the essential element to achieve effective learning. The essential focus is on improving the quality of the interaction between teachers and students,” Saavedra told the Jakarta Globe in an exclusive interview during his visit to Jakarta this week…

How community-based early childhood programs can impact child development  250 million children under the age of five in the developing world are failing to reach their full development potential. Faced with this challenge, governments and donors across the globe have turned to early childhood education and development (ECED) services. These are a cost-effective way to overcome the developmental losses associated with growing up in a disadvantaged environment. The services can be delivered in different ways, such as through kindergartens and community-based playgroups. But how effective are these, in practice?…

World Bank to Support Pre-School Education in Mongolia  During the meeting, the sides discussed on effectively continuing World Bank’s support and cooperation on the education sector of Mongolia. Specifically, Mr. James Anderson expressed to implement new projects to provide equally accessible preschool based on World Bank’s research “Increasing quality and accessibility of preschool education” conducted in March 2017…

Vietnam’s new education policy to take inspiration from Finland, Denmark  While the weather, system of government and culture are worlds apart, the education system of Communist Vietnam is drawing influence and inspiration from the liberal democratic countries of Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The Southeast Asian nation’s education minister Phung Xuan Nha this week completed a study trip to the Nordic nations, where he learnt more about their approach to education programmes from the primary to tertiary level…

A report card for Liberia’s charter schools

Global Education Challenges: Successful Reforms in Peru and Opportunities for the Philippines

Access to Elite Education, Wage Premium, and Social Mobility: Evidence from China’s College Entrance Exam

Global higher education a ‘massive business’ serving ‘the 1%’


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