Back to School: Why We Should Invest in Education (News and Research 58)

 Why We Should Invest in Education – Especially During Tough Economic Times


What Works in Education to Get Economies Moving and to Sustain Growth? (Part 3)

The insight that education is valuable both to individuals and to countries is not new. Using continuously improving data and statistical tools, we have come to understand and appreciate the magnitude of education’s impact on employment, income, health and life opportunities in general. From a purely economic point of view, private returns on investment are well beyond 10 percent a year, and public returns are only slightly below that figure…

Invest in Women and Prosper Investment in women’s education and health, and attention to their employment opportunities and empowerment, pays big dividends in terms of economic development…

“For every extra year a girl goes to school, her income goes up 12 percent” — Bono on Friday, February 17th, 2017 in a speech at the Munich Security Conference

4 charts on how people around the world see education  Publics around the world disagree about which is more important to emphasize in school: creative thinking or basic academic skills and discipline. Here are four key findings about educational preferences from a 2016 Pew Research Center survey of 19 countries.

Does the quality of learning outcomes fall when education expands to include more disadvantaged students? The experience of nine countries – Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey, Uruguay – shows that increases in access to schooling have not, in general, come at the expense of the average quality of education for 15-year-olds…

Support for Vouchers is Rising  The just released PDK survey of U. S. adults reveals an upward shift in public support for vouchers of 10 percentage points over the past four years, with 8 of those percentage points gained since 2015. Meanwhile, voucher opposition fell by 18 percentage points over this same four-year time period. Although this finding is not reported by PDK in this year’s analysis of its findings, it emerges sharp and clear if one takes a close look at earlier PDK poll results…

The impact of cognitive skills on economic growth

Singaporeans spend twice the global average on children’s local education: HSBC

SEA and STEM: Bridging Two Worlds

Can Superstition Create a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? School Outcomes of Dragon Children of China

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