The impact of an accountability intervention with diagnostic feedback

Evidence from Mexico

The Mexican state of Colima implemented a low-stakes accountability intervention with diagnostic feedback among schools with the lowest test scores in the national assessment. A difference-in-difference and a regression discontinuity design are used to identify the effects of the intervention on learning outcomes. The two strategies consistently show that the intervention increased test scores by 0.12 standard deviations only a few months after the program was launched…



Lessons from Jakarta Education must be both excellent and available to all

Education is one of the smartest investments in people that any country can make

Education is fundamental to achieving growth and reducing poverty. But to truly realize education’s promise, we must ensure that education is both of high quality (leading to children’s learning) and that a quality education is extended to all children. This is exactly what more than 200 government officials, World Bank representatives and policymakers from more than 20 countries addressed recently in Jakarta, during the “Learning for All: Shared Principles for Equitable and Excellent Basic Education Systems” global conference…


World Bank Approves $100M in Loans for Schools  The World Bank approved $100 million in loans to Cambodia to bolster secondary education by improving schools and educators’ qualifications…



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East Asia and Pacific Economic Update, April 2017: Sustaining Resilience The outlook for developing East Asia is expected to remain broadly positive in the next three years, driven by robust domestic demand and a gradual recovery in the global economy and commodity prices. The economies of developing East Asia and Pacific are projected to expand at 6.2 percent in 2017 and 6.1 percent in 2018…



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