8120279833_9ab3b00c2d_z.jpgWe just wrapped up a successful, Shared Principles for an Equitable and Excellent Education System, conference in Jakarta. The event was attended by more than 190 guests, including distinguished experts, several ministers, and many members of our own staff. The twitter conversation – which was trending on the first day of the conference #BasicEd – continues.

Education and economic development: Five reforms that have worked  Education systems are simply not performing as needed; not as economies demand, and not as parents desire. Yet it’s important to celebrate and recognize the success of counties that have made significant advances…

Éducation et développement économique: retour sur cinq réformes efficaces

How do we achieve sustained growth? Through human capital, and East Asia and the Pacific proves it  In 1950, the average working-age person in the world had  almost three years of education, but in EAP, the average person had less than half that… but for four decades EAP has grown at roughly twice the pace of the global average…

Indonesia: Global experts gather to discuss how to ensure equal access to quality education

Indonesia: Global Experts Gather To Discuss How To Ensure Equal Access To Quality Education

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