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Special study on benchmarking the quality of project economic analysis for the South Asia Region This paper benchmarks the quality of project economic analysis in South Asia against other World Bank regions, using data on project exits between 1975 and 2015. The results show that the South Asia region performs on par with the other regions, in that the…

What Really Works to Improve Learning in Developing Countries? An Analysis of Divergent Findings in Systematic Reviews  Over the course of just two years, at least six reviews have examined interventions that seek to improve learning outcomes in developing countries. Although the reviews ostensibly have the same objective, they reach sometimes starkly different conclusions. The first objective of this paper is to identify why reviews diverge in their conclusions and how future reviews can be more effective…

Database of Education Studies  The file below contains a list of all the studies with learning, attendance, or enrollment outcomes included in the following literature reviews…

Human Capital and China’s Future Growth  China’s real GDP per capita has increased at a rate of nearly 9 percent annually since the start of its economic reforms in 1978, the fastest rate of growth that any large country has sustained for such a long period of time. Output is equal to the number of workers multiplied by productivity per worker. Thus, China’s dramatic growth can be broken down into the increase of the size of working-age labor force as a proportion of the population (or, in other words, the decrease of the dependency ratio) and improving labor productivity. In turn, labor productivity can be broken down into factor ssuch as rising human capital and the reallocation of labor to more efficient sectors…

How we can prepare students for the automated working world  Depending on to whom you listen, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) will either solve all our problems or end the human race. Sometime in the near future, machine intelligence is predicted to surpass human intelligence, a point in time known as “the singularity.” Whether the rise of the machines is an existential threat to mankind or not, I believe that there is a more mundane issue: robots are currently being used to automate production…


In Indonesia, learning about gender equality from an early age  The center began as a pilot project to promote gender equality in early childhood, and the model is gradually expanding to tens of thousands of early childhood centers in more than 300 districts and cities across 34 provinces in Indonesia. Initiated by the Directorate of Early Childhood Education Development of the Ministry of Education and Culture, it was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education in 2016 for its innovative approach…

Community Colleges, Human Capital, and Economic Growth in Developing Countries  This chapter argues that increasing human capital through a combination of university and community college education promotes greater economic growth in developing countries…

Analyzing an Education Revolution: Using Thomas Kuhn’s “Paradigm Shift” to Consider the Implications for Democracy of Changes in US Public Schooling

Unfinished Business: We have achieved a great deal for global education, but there is much more to be done

Finance minister vows structural reform in face of 4th industrial revolution

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