Investing in Secondary Education Access

MONDAY, SEP 14, 2015 | 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Photo courtesy of The U.S. National Archives from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa suffer from a severe shortage of school provision, with more than 20 million children lacking a secondary education, over half of whom are girls. Compared to 65 percent of children in developing countries worldwide, only 30 percent of African children are enrolled in secondary school programs. Low cost, low fee private provision of education offers one possible solution to this challenge facing African governments.
     Please join us for an expert panel discussion on challenges facing countries that seek to boost enrollment and equity in secondary education. Featured speakers include John Rendel, Founder and CEO of Promoting Equality in African Schools, Harry Patrinos, Practice Manager of Education at the World Bank, and Peter Shiras, Executive Vice President at the International Youth Foundation. Panelists will focus on leveraging public-private partnerships and other innovative funding models for education.