Mexico: Impact Evaluation of a Low Cost Private School Model

Lottery for admission into Christel House School | July 17, 2015 | Mexico City

The evaluation of Christel House de Mexico, a low-cost, rigorous private school for poor children that also works to ensure parental commitment, uses a rigorous randomized experimental research design at the child level to study the difference in student achievement between eligible first graders accepted into the program by lottery.   This study will provide new research to address the knowledge gap in the literature on the impact of private provision of high-quality, affordable schooling for the poor in developing country contexts.

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News Article: Una escuela privada donde los alumnos no pagan.


Lucrecia Santibañez, Claremont Graduate University

Juan E. Saavedra,  University of Southern California

Raja Bentaouet Kattan, World Bank

Harry A. Patrinos, World Bank


Christel House de Mexico

The World Bank